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The Business of Changing the World

“Read it, and be inspired.”


The landscape of philanthropy is changing.  It’s not about the logos anymore.  Large-scale volunteerism projects, product donations, disaster relief strategies, issue-awareness campaigns, research and development, and public policy work are all standard undertakings for today’s top corporations.  These substantial efforts combined with recent news headlines of multi-billion-dollar donations have shined the spotlight on philanthropy like never before.  Now, it is time for all players in the private sector to identify the ways they can join the movement and make their companies instruments of change.

THE BUSINESS OF CHANGING THE WORLD: 20 Great Leaders on Integrated Corporate Philanthropy demonstrates the profound interdependency between businesses and the communities in which they operate and reveals how every company, from a Fortune 500 like Google to a San Francisco law firm to a start-up operating from an apartment, can incorporate philanthropy into its business model and make a difference in the community.

Twenty outstanding business including Steve Case, Michael Dell, Michael Milken, John Morgridge, Laura Scher, Jeffrey Swartz and Klaus Schwab share their personal stories as well as make an effective argument that philanthropy, when done strategically, attracts top talent, boosts the bottom line, and is in the enlightened long-term interest of shareholders. The Business of Changing the World dispels the myth that corporate philanthropy is an oxymoron. It examines a new and better way to give back and shows how with a little effort it’s possible to simultaneously grow a successful for-profit business and create positive social change. This thought-provoking book is a must read for entrepreneurs, corporate business people, nonprofit executives, social entrepreneurs, business students—and anyone looking to make a difference.

Praise for The Business of Changing the World

“Salesforce.com served as a great model for Google and any other company that wants to try to do what we know in our hearts is the right thing: stewardship of our troubled times. The Business of Changing the World reveals exactly how salesforce.com—and many other inspiring companies—are doing well by doing good.”

-Larry Brilliant MD, Executive Director, Google Foundation and Google.org

“Do corporate and shareholder interests diverge greatly from the social imperatives around us? The Business of Changing The World importantly responds with a resounding NO by highlighting brilliant examples of the power that businesses can deliver by espousing a culture of caring. It’s not about the money. The winning formula incorporates innovation, volunteerism, and leadership—or what Marc Benioff calls ‘Integrated Philanthropy.’”
-Harry McMahon, Vice Chairman, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.

“Becoming a valued partner in our local communities and a global society has become a key imperative in building a company that will thrive in the 21st century. The collective passion and energy of the private sector can make a profound impact in the quality of life and the opportunities afforded the less fortunate around the world.   The Business Of Changing The World is a wonderful roadmap into how global business leaders are making it happen.” 
-Stratton Sclavos, Chairman and CEO, Verisign

“I truly believe that leading corporations have a responsibility to give back and to recognize social responsibility as a priority.  Good corporate citizenship also makes good business sense because it improves the overall community, celebrates employees, encourages innovation, and enhances shareholder value.  At Cisco, we are dedicated to using the power of the Internet to positively affect change and empower communities and individuals.   In The Business of Changing the World, Marc Benioff focuses on the key role that corporations play to ensure that the world is a better place to work, live, play and learn, not just today but for future generations.”
-John Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco

“The idea of integrated philanthropy in today’s global enterprises is both courageous and rewarding to shareholders and employees.  Marc’s leadership of the salesforce.com Foundation is a model not only for philanthropic giving, but one that inspires employees and customers to be part of something grander that fits much more naturally with their inherent values.  The energy that can be applied by enterprises and their constituents can and will change the world.”
-Raymond Lane, general partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

“The Business of Changing the World is a must-read for anyone in business today. Acting as a responsible corporate citizen is becoming increasingly important in Japan and around the world; this book provides a roadmap of how companies can integrate giving back into their business models–and the enormous benefits the companies and communities stand to gain.”
-Masayoshi Son, President & CEO SoftBank Corp.

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