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Behind the Cloud

“Behind the Cloud paints a clear picture of what it takes to succeed in a world where many of the old rules no longer apply”


For the first time, Marc Benioff, the visionary founder, chairman and CEO of salesforce.com, with journalist Carlye Adler, tells how he and his team created and used new business, technology, and philanthropic models tailored to this time of extraordinary change. Showing how salesforce.com not only survived the dotcom implosion of 2001, but went on to define itself as the leader of the cloud computing revolution and spark a new industry, Benioff’s story will help business leaders and entrepreneurs stand out, innovate better, and grow faster in any economic climate.

A national best seller, Behind the Cloud, shares the strategies that have inspired employees, turned customers into evangelists, leveraged an ecosystem of partners, and allowed innovation to flourish. It shows how salesforce.com pioneered a simple idea (delivering business applications as a service over the Internet) to change the way all businesses use software applications, and ultimately, change the way the software industry works.

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Praise for Behind the Cloud:

“…for all its New Age feel it is full of advice from which any entrepreneur can learn”
-The Economist

“a triumphalist memoir and business self-help manual”
-The Wall Street Journal

“A great guide for any aspiring entrepreneur or CEO navigating the landscape of the future. It’s the playbook for Enterprise 2.0.”
–Michael Dell

“This book will show you how to focus your vision, think differently, align your organization—and transform your business and your life.”
—Anthony Robbins, author, Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

“Salesforce.com and Google share a vision for how the cloud will revolutionize computing. Behind the Cloud gives us a rare glimpse at the development of one of the most important trends in business today.”
—Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

“Reading this book, I laughed out loud many times as Marc told his story, a story of great ideas, thunder stealing pranks, and a world consciousness that is at the heart of salesforce.com.”
—Neil Young Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer and songwriter

“Reading, but also afterwards, practicing the 111 plays described by Marc Benioff opens the door for entrepreneurial success much better than any MBA Program.”
—Klaus Schwab, founder, World Economic Forum and co-founder of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

“Cisco and salesforce.com share a vision of how the network is the platform to transform business. In his book, Benioff outlines how salesforce.com has used cloud computing to disrupt and reshape the enterprise software space.  It is clear that we are just beginning to understand the potential of networked business and the future benefits and productivity gains of the next phase of the Internet.”
—John Chambers, chairman and CEO, Cisco

“Behind the Cloud demonstrates what happens when companies act as good citizens. Everyone—from employees to shareholders to the community—wins. Get ready to be inspired and make a difference.”
—Charles Moore, executive director, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy


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