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Rebooting Work

“You can’t have everything you want, but you can have the things that really matter to you. Rebooting Work shows you how to make the right changes to get the most out of work—and life.”

—Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo!

Rebooting Work tackles outdated models of work, created a century ago, which no longer sync up with either individual or employers’ needs. In identifying a paradigm shift that is already under way, this New York Times best-seller demonstrates how everyone—employers and employees—can harness technology to become more productive at work, embrace personal happiness, and even spend more time with our families. With personalized worksheets and empowering action-oriented advice, Rebooting Work will help anyone reap the benefits of reimagining the way we approach work today.

Through a unique framework that demonstrates how we can leverage technology to create better job opportunities and foster more balanced lives, Rebooting Work identifies 4 different mindsets around work—the Company Man or Woman, CEO of Your Own Destiny, the Disenchanted Employee, and the Aspiring Entrepreneur—organizing those who are self-motivated versus those who are waiting to be discovered. By better understanding which of these mindsets best represents your own attitude, and how to adapt and move from one frame to another, you’ll gain the tools to become more self-actualized and ultimately more fulfilled in your career.

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Praise for Rebooting Work:

“This is a terrific guide for anyone who wants not just a fulfilling career, but also a fulfilling life.”
—Howard Schultz, chairman, president, and CEO, Starbucks Coffee Company

“The world is changing faster than ever. The social, mobile, and cloud technologies that are being rapidly adopted provide amazing new opportunities to engage with customers and employees, and fundamentally change the way we need to manage our companies. Rebooting Work outlines how tomorrow’s successful companies must completely rethink how they work to engage and motivate people.”
—Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, salesforce.com; author, Behind the Cloud

“In order to succeed you must have the courage to take risks. Rebooting Work outlines the reasons to choose change and gives readers a foundation for success.”
—Brad Smith, president and CEO, Intuit

“Rebooting Work is as profound as it is a pleasure to read. Not only will this book help you achieve the happiness that comes with being fulfilled, it will also help companies achieve far more by cultivating and supporting motivated and high-spirited people.”
—James M. Citrin, leader, CEO and board practice, Spencer Stuart; author, You Need a Leader, Now What?

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